Water Sensory Bin Fun + Great Way to Clean Toys!

Water Sensory Play Bin - a dishpan bin filled with water, toys such as play kitchen items, rubber ducky, sand toys, and a ton of bubbles.

Why a Water Sensory Bin?

Watery sensory bins stimulate senses, expose kids to new things, and are a lot of fun for toddlers and preschoolers. They are especially fun when it’s freezing cold outside and your kiddo wants to play in the water. Plus, as an added bonus, if you add a little bit of soap, your kiddo can help clean some toys.

Water Sensory Bin Items - dishpan filled with water & soap to make bubbles, toys (such as sand rake, shovel, play kitchen items, and plastic eggs), and a towel.

Basics for a Water Sensory Bin

  • 12qt Dishpan from Target – $1.99
  • Water – Fill it up no more than half way unless you want a big mess!
    • Optional: add soap to make bubbles
  • Fun objects to play with in the water such as measuring cups, bath toys, plastic bowls, plastic eggs, plastic animals, etc. 
  • Towels – one for under the bin & others for cleaning up around

    A finished water sensory bin filled with tons of toys - my toddler kept adding more!


  • Be creative in what objects you use & look for things around your kitchen such as measuring cups, spoons, ladles, tea strainers.
  • Make sure anything you use can go in the water (In the picture, you can see that we used some of my daughter’s play kitchen items. I was afraid they would rust once out of the water so I rinsed them really well afterwards and then dried them right away.)
  • Highly recommend doing this on a hard surface & not the carpet – water will get out of the bucket!
  • If you plan to add soap, only add a tiny amount. We ended up having way too many bubbles the first time we did this. Lesson learned!

    Readers, what do your kiddos like to play with in a water sensory bin? 

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