Use Less Plastic Baggies! A simple solution to transporting all those snacks.

This picture shows three Plastic Wise bag, which are great alternatives to a plastic bag. They are reusable and dishwasher safe.

Tired of using & throwing out plastic sandwich and snack bags? I know I am, and if you are like me – your kid constantly wants a snack. Well after throwing away many plastic bags, I sought out a solution. I thought about the reusable bags at the grocery store and how there has to be something similar for sandwiches & snacks. I know there are reusable containers, but sometimes I just want a bag because it’s lighter and easier to deal with.

Introducing Planet Wise Bags

I did some searching online and discovered these awesome reusable bags made by Planet Wise, Inc., a privately owned family company. All of their products are PVC-free, lead-free and reusable. I ended up purchasing two very cute sandwich bags and one snack bag. The cost for the 2-pack of sandwich bags was around $12.95 and the cost for the snack bag was $6.95. I felt that the cost was reasonable, given that I would be reusing them. I also noticed that they had a 10% discount if you subscribed to the newsletter.


I use these bags for everything – to transport silverware to work, to store snacks for my kid when we go out, and to bring food to/from work. You can even use them to transport toys or crafting supplies. I love the fun patterns, how easy they are to use, and that I am no longer using multiple plastic bags.


Another plus – they are super easy to clean. You can hand wash them or throw them on the top rack of your dishwasher. If you put them in the dishwasher, make sure they are zipper side down and spread out so they get cleaned really well. I have never had a problem with them getting cleaned, but sometimes they do flip over and get water in them. If that happens, then I rinse them out and let them air dry.

Other Awesome Products

In addition to making reusable sandwich and snack bags, they also have cool products like wet bags (perfect for cloth diapers or if you need something to transport a swimsuit home from the beach!), pail liners, and changing pads. Check them out here!

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