3 Easy Potty Training Hacks

Potty training – a time where you are so excited for your little one to get out of diapers, but you spend most of your time googling phrases like “how to quickly potty train in 3 days or less” or “help, my kid won’t sit on the potty”.

I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there. In fact, I spent the longest time trying to figure out why my little one would go potty at daycare but not at home – turns out, she just needed some privacy!

Well, we are currently potty training our almost 3 year old daughter. She’s mostly potty trained during the day, but still has a few accidents. We’re working on nighttime, but we’ll get there. Along our journey, I’ve found a few hacks that have been superful helpful to us and wanted to share them with you.

Easy Potty Training Hacks

  • Double Layer Bedding

    Seriously, double layer bedding is a game changer, especially when you’re dead tired. This is a MUST when you start nighttime training.

  • Make a Potty Training Bag

    All you need is a plastic bag or wet bag (PlanetWise makes cute ones) plus a change of clothing and wipes. Store one in each car and make sure to take one with you whenever you are out & about with your kiddo.

  • Utilize Daniel Tiger

    Daniel Tiger is a kids show on PBS that is inspired by Mister Rogers Neighborhood. The show focuses on practical life lessons for kids and is a lot of fun to watch. My daughter has learned a ton from it.

    Here are a few songs that helped us with potty training:

    Warning! They will get stuck in your head.

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